Athletic Director

Position Title: Athletic Director

Immediate Supervisor: Principal

Position Description: The Athletic Director will lead the athletic program and is responsible for the planning, budgeting, scheduling, coordination, and governance of the Athletic Program including the staff, volunteers, facilities, schedules, and events. This position is a part-time, salaried position that is seasonal and varies in hours, and is not benefit eligible.

Requirements: HS Diploma or equivalent

Preferences: BA/BS Degree preferred, Athletic Coaching or Management
Experience preferred


  1. Spiritual Leader:
    1. Serves as a positive role model by exhibiting exemplary Christian behavior in thought, word, and deed;
    2. Conveys God’s love to students, parents and visitors in all interactions and athletic activities.
    3. Works with coaches to promote spiritual health of teams / players.
  2. Educational Leader:
    1. Offers support to the physical education teachers in facilities and equipment management.
    2. Provides a plan for the development and use of the athletic resources for students, teachers and parents.
  3. Relationship Builder/Nurturer:
    1. Models positive personal relationships with students, staff, families, and community.
    2. Represents the school in the community.
    3. Encourages and promotes positive relationships within the entire athletic program and school community.
    4. Manages behavior for the athletic programs so that students act in harmony with God’s Word, and collaborates with school administration as needed on behavioral issues.
    5. Serves as mediator as needed in coach-parent meetings.
    6. Promotes benefits of athletics promotes participation in athletics to the students of St. James.
    7. Manages game environment and crowd conduct.
  4. Manager:
    1. Provides direction and support for all athletic programs.
    2. Creates and maintains athletic team schedules.
    3. Works with local schools / teams on contracts (approved by the Principal)
    4. Works with local referee scheduling agencies or independently schedules referees.
    5. Maintains scheduling and use of all athletic facilities, including the new gymnasium. This includes:
      1. Ensures that the athletic facilities are adequately maintained in appearance and safety codes
      2. Games and practices
      3. Volleyball and basketball tournaments
      4. Outside use (church leagues, men’s fellowship, carnival, etc.)
    6. Recruits and hires coaches for the various athletic teams.
    7. Develops coaches through mentorship and professional Development.
    8. Prepares and manages the budget:
      1. Maintains accurate records of receipts and expenses.
      2. Ensures that the athletic facilities are adequately maintained by meeting all safety codes.
      3. Ensures that teams are under-budget and have all necessary equipment, training supplies and uniforms.
      4. Actively seeks financial support from those who have a relationship with the school.
    9. Delegates and supervises the day-to-day athletic activities of the school, including attending all athletic events or ensuring that another designated staff member is present.
    10. Seeks opportunities for Athletics growth in participation and quality.
    11. Stays current on and ensures regulatory compliance, including:
      1. Collaborating with HR to ensure completion of background checks for coaches.
      2. Concussion baseline testing for athletes.
      3. Professional education courses for coaches including Concussion Awareness, Child Safety, Heat Illness, and CPR, and other newly developed courses as needed.
  5. Communicator:
    1. Reports to the Principal and the Board of Christian Education any relevant information.
    2. Regularly places information in the school newsletter(s), church bulletin, and social media.
    3. Maintains effective communication with coaches, staff and families.
  6. Other Duties and/or Responsibilities:
    1. Cooperate with the pastor(s) and the principal in the various undertakings designed to promote and extend the work of the Christian Day School and the Kingdom of God generally.
    2. Assist with other educational activities as circumstances require and as the Board of Christian Education may reasonably direct.

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