School Secretary

Position Title: School Secretary

Immediate Supervisor: Head Mistress

Education Required: High School Diploma or equivalent

Scope of Job:

The position of School Secretary is vital to the support of the overall ministry of St. James Lutheran School. The person in this position is often a front-line person when dealing with students, parents, staff and potential school families. 

The School Secretary will act as Administrative Assistant to the Head Mistress and assist teachers and staff. This is a full-time (35-40 hours/week), 10-month, non-exempt (hourly) position that reports directly to the Head Mistress.


  1. Administrative Assistant:
    1. Help maintain clear and open communication between the Head Mistress, Pastors, Teachers and School Staff.
    2. Type correspondence and other necessary paperwork for Head Mistress and other school staff.
    3. Coordinate field trips for teachers, including printing of permission slips.
    4. Acquire and assist substitutes.
    5. Prepare regular (typically weekly) school newsletters.
    6. Provide typing and copying services for administration or school staff when requested.
    7. Keep office stocked with necessary supplies and forms as needed and be responsible for office equipment supplies and maintenance.
    8. Assist in keeping the school filing systems up to date and organized.
    9. Offer suggestions for improving school procedures.
    10. Make preparations for and participate in school registration day.
    11. Promote a positive attitude about the school and its employees.
    12. Issue passes to students who are tardy or who have acceptable excuses from parents.
    13. Keep the office and reception areas neat and clean.
    14. Assist with mailings, clerical work, or projects that can be done at the reception desk.
  1. Record Keeping:
    1. Ensure that student immunization records are annually updated and current.
    2. Keep all student cumulative files in proper order and maintain accurate filing of all standardized tests and test scores for students in grades K‐8.
    3. Type letters, reports, or memos pertaining to student records, as needed.
    4. Provide copies of student file documents when requested by parents and when requested by schools receiving transfer students.
    5. Maintain electronic student and data files in Harmony, our school management software.
    6. Coordinate School Scholarship applications and renewals of scholarships with families.
  1. Other Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Coordinate prospective family tours. Receive paperwork from prospective families and create new student files.
    2. Administer basic first aid to students. Contact parents should an illness or injury appear to require more than very basic attention.
    3. Supervise lost and found articles for pick up by students and parents.
    4. Assist with school fundraisers, as needed.
    5. Be willing to adjust work hours to accommodate special schedules or school‐related activities.
    6. Communicate important events, dates and happenings via the school’s communication channels (email, School Status Connect, Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, etc.)
    7. Perform any duties that may be assigned by the administration.

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