Pastor Appreciation Month

In celebration of Pastor Appreciation Month, our 6th grade students planned a scavenger hunt for Pastor Morrow on Tuesday, October 17th. They came together as a class, to devise a plan, to show Pastor how much they appreciate him and his presence in the school. They created the clues together that lead him around the church and school. The children planned ahead with help from their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Sinka. They called to determine his schedule, and worked together to hide their surprise. The clues led him back to the conference room in the church office where he was greeted with a card, created by the students, a display of breakfast food, and orange juice. Pastor was delighted and told the student’s how grateful and blessed he is to serve them and their families. He gathered them to pray together before they left him to his gift of appreciation. We truly are blessed to have Pastor Morrow with us here at St. James.