Middle School

Equipping For Student Leaders

Our Middle School is the bridge between elementary and high school. In Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grades have a departmentalized structure, allowing teachers to focus on their area of expertise. We recognize the unique needs of middle school students by providing a variety of academic learning opportunities including an increased focus on hands-on and larger project based experiences. 

The spiritual capacity of middle school students is ever-growing. We are privileged to have both our Pastors teach daily Confirmation classes as well as presenting all classes from a Christian perspective. Our goal is to prepare students to make decisions now and in the future informed by a biblical worldview.

Curriculum Overview
  • Daily devotions and Religion classes, weekly chapel services often led by the middle school students
  • Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science taught daily
  • Cutting edge technology for student use including Chromebooks and Promethean boards in classrooms
  • Music Program including Choir, Band and General Music classes
  • Weekly specials classes include Physical Education/Health, Music and Art 
  • After school program
Enrichment Highlights
  • Quarterly rewards and outings
  • Math Competition
  • Science and Social Studies Fair
  • School and Area Spelling Bees
  • Fine Arts Festival
  • Indiana Repertory Theater Trip