Tuition and Financial Aid

How can I afford to send my child to St. James?


A St. James education is a long-term investment in your child’s academic and socio-emotional future. Nurturing your child today will shape your child’s tomorrow and the person they become.

Did you realize that from Preschool through 8th grade, your child will spend over 18,000 hours in school? These are the years that lay the foundation for your child’s future, and each passing day is an opportunity for growth and development. Children, like adults, often absorb and adopt the values of their teachers, coaches, and peers. By laying a Biblical foundation promoting scholarship, leadership, and service, there are no boundaries to what our students will achieve!

Our dedicated faculty and Christ-loving community want to partner with you on your child’s journey.  St. James Lutheran School is a place where learning and faith connect daily, and you will become family.

We are committed to making enrollment accessible to all Christian families.

Indiana CHOICE Scholarships

The Indiana Choice Scholarship allows families to use 90% of the state funding allocated for your child to attend their assigned public school to help pay tuition and fees at a private school of your choice.

Changes in legislation in the spring of 2022 expanded the program so that 90% of Hoosier families now qualify for the Indiana Choice Scholarship! Qualifying families enrolling at St. James receive on average $6,000 a year in Choice Scholarships. Additional scholarships are available.

As a single mom, the Choice Scholarship Program that St. James utilizes allows me to send my children to a school that I normally could not afford. I also choose to send my children to St. James because of the excellent education that they receive. My kids are able to make great quality friends while at school.
~ Emily Glatt

Income Qualifications

The state has increased the annual household income guidelines for the Choice Scholarship program making this source of financial aid a possibility for many more families in the Greater Lafayette Community!

Please contact Financial Director Julie Grott to discuss your family’s eligibility.