Athletics at St. James!

Whether students have played a favorite sport for years or interested in tying one for the first time, there’s a place for them on a St. James sports team!

We strive to develop student athletes who honor God by demonstrating a Christian attitude through successes as well as frustrations and failures.

In addition to teaching fundementals, St. James athletics focuses on the life lessons that participating in sports can teach such as self-discipline, commitment, priority-setting, perseverance, hardwork, teamwork, and earning a position on the team. 

~ Mr. Brad Bishop, Athletic Director

2022-2023 Athletic Calendar

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Co-Ed Soccer • Grades 5-8
Girls Volleyball • Grades 4-8

Cheerleading • Grades 5-8
Girls Basketball • Grades 4 – 8
Boys Basketball • Grades 4-8