Active Learning In Action

Over the last month, the 2nd graders have been learning about plants in an integrated unit that includes religion, science, reading, writing, art, and math.  Some of these activities include:

Religion: They have explored how God created plants and the world to work in systems such as the life cycles, water cycle and the oxygen cycle.  

Science: They have done a number of experiments and observations on how seeds and plants grow.  This included dissecting seeds, germination of seeds, and growing plants.  

Reading: They have read many books about plants.  

Art: They have created beautiful art of flowers.

This past Friday, the class was actively diving into a writing process called Step Up to Writing.  Students were given sentence strips and set loose to create paragraphs in an active cooperative learning activity. The students were listening and working with each other, encouraging others, demonstrating leadership skills all while having a lot of fun.

When the unit is completed, the class will have compiled a book with all their learning.