Elementary Teacher (First Grade)

St. James Lutheran School is looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic, and Christ-centered elementary school teacher who can design educational programs that inspire students to grow academically and spiritually. The ideal candidate should be able to create engaging lessons that cater to the learning needs of various students, use data from different sources to guide instruction, possess knowledge about the Science of Reading, and be comfortable using technology. Above all, the candidate should have a passion for elementary education and a strong faith life.

Job Description

Position Title: Teacher 

Immediate Supervisor: Principal 

Education Required: BA/BS; Meets state licensing regulations 


  1. Spiritual Leader 
    1. Understands and is committed to the overall ministry of Christian education in church and school
    2. Is a Christian role model for staff and students
    3. Is committed to personal growth in Word and Sacrament
    4. Instructs the children in God’s Holy Word as presented in the adopted course of religious instruction (if synodically trained)
    5. Guides and directs the children so that they may apply their Christian knowledge to their own lives and conduct
  2. Educational Leader 
    1. Assists in developing, planning, and implementing appropriate curriculum
    2. Effectively instructs the children as prescribed in the adopted course of study
    3. Observes and evaluates each child’s development
  3. Relationship Builder/Nurturer 
    1. Encourages a team approach between students, parents, and staff
    2. Exhibits proper use of Law and Gospel in managing student’s behavior so that students act in harmony with God’s Word, thereby ensuring an environment that is conducive to learning
  4. Manager 
    1. Maintains student records
    2. Delegates and supervises the daytoday activities of the classroom;
    3. Maintains supplies and equipment
  5. Communicator 
    1. Maintains open, active communication with school families to keep parents informed of student’s progress and activities
    2. Attends staff meetings, P.T.L. meetings, professional development conferences, and other school and/or church activities
    3. Represents St. James School in the community and church
    4. Helps recruit and enroll new students
  6. Other Duties 
    1. Cooperates with the pastors and the principal in the various undertakings designed to promote and extend the work of the Christian day school and the Kingdom of God generally
    2. Assists with other educational activities as circumstances require and as the Board of Education may reasonably direct

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