Early Childhood Director

Job Description: Early Childhood Director 

The Early Childhood Director is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the Early Childhood program so that it may accomplish its purpose of providing a safe & nurturing environment for children to grow in their faith and social & academic skills. The director will use all of their gifts and talents to support the values and mission of St. James Lutheran Church & School by being fiscally responsible, serving as a liaison between church & school, maintain communications & relationships with parents, further community relationships, recruit & enroll new children, supervise & assist staff, administer all aspects of programs to ensure compliance with all state & local governing agencies and works collegially with all other staff members of St. James Lutheran Church & School. 


  • Must have a current CDA credential 
  • Must be 21 years old 
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 40 pounds 
  • Must hold and maintain a current CPR & First Aid certifications 
  • Must hold membership in the local NAEYC Group 
  • Must have prior teaching experience within an Early Childhood classroom 

Models Behavior 

  •  Lives the Christian faith, models the love of Jesus Christ, nurtures faith and shares Christ in word and action 
  • At all times demonstrates discernment when posting on social media and adheres to the policies set forth by St. James 
  • Smiles, laughs, and uses a pleasant voice 
  • Prays with & for others 
  • Acknowledges & respects others’ feelings 
  • Works cooperatively with others 
  • Compliments good behavior, anticipates & redirects inappropriate behavior with respect ● Builds & strengthens positive relationships with church & school staff, congregational members, and volunteers


  • Teach God’s Word Daily 
  • Be familiar with Indiana state regulations as well as with Program Policies of St. James Lutheran Early Childhood Program 
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth of staff 
  • Provide ways to incorporate the early childhood program (ECP) families into church and church families into the ECP 
  • Foster Christian community for staff, children, and families 
  • Provide environment appropriate for young children 
  • Plan age-appropriate, Christ-centered, faith-integrated curriculum 
  • Maintain positive relationships among children, teachers, parents, congregation & community 
  • Carry out mission & purpose of programs; further the vision of St. James Lutheran Church & School 
  • Recommend policies according to purpose of programs 
  • Participate on boards that oversee programs; ex: Board of Christian Education & Parish Planning Council 
  • Assist in preparing annual budget 
  • Operate within the budget 
  • Purchase equipment & supplies 
  • Represent ECP in congregational activities 
  • Inform congregation of programs orally or in writing 
  • Develop systematic parent-school communication (school newsletter, bulletin, social media) 
  • Plan/administer parent fellowship programs (Jesus’ Birthday party, Pumpkin patch, Grandparent’s Day, PK Family Fun Nights) 
  • Welcome visitors, provide tours, answer questions pertaining to programming Promote ECP in congregation & community 
  • Assist Marketing and Enrollment Director with interviewing parents of prospective children 
  • Work with Marketing and Enrollment Director to provide enrollment materials that reflect program’s goals 
  • Connect families with the Financial Aid Director for financial opportunities 
  • Aid Marketing and Enrollment Director with creating & maintaining publicity materials & activities (PK Family Fun Nights, Enrollment Folders) 
  • Attend professional educational events 
  • Prepare job descriptions for teachers and aides 
  • Recruit & hire staff 
  • Periodically review staff performance; assist staff members to set goals for professional development & career development 
  • Arrange substitute help as needed 
  • Lead regularly scheduled staff meetings 
  • Plan and conduct periodic in-service training for staff 
  • Help staff in preparing program plans 
  • Develop & maintain resource library for staff 
  • Plan & implement procedures to keep accurate class records 
  • Prepare & update staff handbook 
  • Assist business office with personnel records 
  • Maintain liaison with local, state governing authorities in regards to early childhood to conform & exceed all regulations 
  • Handle all administration & conflict-resolutions related to programs
  • Maintain student & program records 
  • Periodically evaluate own work as a director 
  • Plan & implement plan for personal professional growth 
  • Plan periodic reports related to the state of the ECP 
  • Keep informed of current ECP issues & developments 
  • Participate actively in professional organizations 
  • Maintain a professional library 
  • Plan schedule of administrative responsibilities 
  • Schedule use of shared space & equipment 
  • Schedule responsibilities of teaching staff 
  • Keep health history/immunization records for children & staff 
  • Be a liaison between families of children with special needs, staff, agencies 
  • Plan & purchase healthy snacks 
  • Monitor classroom & playground conditions to ensure safety

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