Third Grade Battle

The third-grade class has been reading books by the author Patricia Polacco in their classroom followed by a ‘Battle’ to recall details in preparation for next year when they can join the school’s Battle of the Books team.

A random drawing chose our two teams. We tested our students’ knowledge of the books by using a buzzer system. The questions were specifically designed to help students recall precise details from 10 different books. A lively battle ensued, which ended in a tie!

Mrs. Gillespie, our volunteer librarian, and Mrs. Hamilton, the third-grade teacher, were excited to see the class’ enthusiasm for this event. The class has shown a great love of reading this year. We chose Patricia Polacco’s books because they are written at the third-grade level, telling real-life stories and portraying deep meanings that have led to meaningful classroom discussions.

The students reported that their favorite books were “Mrs. Mack,” “My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother,” and “Thundercake.” Their favorite parts of the Battle included working together as a team, cheering for each other, and ending in a tie. Many students look forward to participating in the Battle of the Books team next year!